NOAH, formerly known as Peterpan, is an Indonesian alternative pop band well known for their catchy beats and poetic lyrics. The band consists of Ariel (vocalist), Uki (guitarist), Lukman (guitarist) and David (keyboardist).



  • Best Southeast Asia Act

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From: Bandung, Indonesia

Debut Release: ‘Seperti Seharusnya’ (2012)

Biggest Hit: ‘Separuh Aku’

Previous EMA Nomination: Best Southeast Asia Act 2014

Awesome Accolades: Under the name Peterpan, they won MTV awards for Favorite Indonesian Artist (2005 & 2006), Video of The Year (2006), and Most Inspiring Artist (2009).

Fun Fact: NOAH launched their first album ‘Seperti Seharusnya’ (2012) by doing concerts in 5 countries (Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia) in one day.

Why MTV Loves Them: They are the biggest band in Indonesia and their songs always become hits.